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Who are the contemporary photographers living and working in Rotterdam? How do they work and what is their inspiration? Together with broadcasting company Open Rotterdam and A Small production company we produced two seasons of Rotterdam Snapshots in 2016/2017 and 2027/2018. In these mini-documentaries, you can follow the photographers of Rotterdam.

In the first season, we follow concert photographer Dimitri Hakke, fine art photographer Pim Top, analogue photographer Mark van Hattem, Sarojini Lewis who searches for her Indodesian roots through her photo work, food photographer London Loy, Peter de Krom photographer par excellence, snapping the comical absurdity of our Dutchness portrait photographer Rick Arnold and street photographer Stacci Samidin.

In the second season of Rotterdam Snapshots we follow wedding photographer Raju Jasai, photography duo Meinke Klein, portrait photographer Kahlid Amakran, Lorena van Bunningen who combines photography, urban photographer Jeroen van Dam and the curator of Nederlands Fotomuseum Frits Gierstberg.

The work of these photographers covers all genres and the diversity of photography, but they all share a love for their hometown Rotterdam. With their work, they contribute to the image of Rotterdam and show the wide range of its inhabitants and the city’s specific urban vibe.


kleurvlak 02.jpg