Zsolt Balázs

Nowadays, the social and environmental changes can be felt more and more prominently. This evoked a sense of existential insecurity and anxiety in photographer Zsolt Balazs, bringing into question all the reference points he thought to be so stable. Ideas about habitat, home and well-being were all shaken up. To help face his insecurities, he has chosen a recurring location in his life: Crayfish creek, the longest tributary of the Danube in Budapest.

His frame of reference and resting points have been shaped by the people he met; hidden stories that were left behind the landscape; along with the silent conflict between the natural and the artificial environment. The role of tributary waters is less known but very impactful. Due to their size, they are more exposed to the influences of civilization; their fragile ecosystems live in symbiosis with the people living close to them and thus have an effect on their lives.

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