Tomasz Kawecki

The house in Witowice Dolne is Tomasz Kawecki’s childhood home. There his eyes and spirits live, collected so scrupulously in the first years of his life.

The house stands next to a forest so green and virgin that it is impossible not to discover magical creatures there. Going back, he returns to adventures, and riddles are never solved. He is still searching for answers. A guide to this world was his grandma. She led him to the woods, called mushrooms, stones and roots by their names. Some she anthropomorphized and took home with her. Through the years, the inside of the house has been filled to the brim with objects she collected. Grandma never threw anything out. Once she has brought something in, it remains with her forever. The house, together with her, grows old, everything there is subject to natural cycles.

When he was a child, they slept in the attic. Walls let in the wind carrying sounds of the outside. He had an impression he was sleeping in a treehouse in the heart of a forest. The mountain wind sweeping through the room gave him shivers, but he wasn't afraid. they were safe because they were protected by my grandma's charms. Enormous animal-resembling roots, bunches of plants and pebbles arranged on the stove kept their watch over them. They reconciled home space with dark woods.

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