Sylvia Zirden

What makes a place special? What is its aura, its character? Which spirit lives in it? In Roman times, the atmosphere of a place was attributed to the work of a protective spirit, the respective genius loci. Today its place has been taken by the spirit of people and their history, which have influenced the appearance and radiance of a place.

In our latitudes there are almost no places left that have not been built, designed, planted, asphalted or cultivated by people. In many of them, human influences have been superimposed in numerous layers over the centuries. In the interplay with the action of the forces of nature, of plants and animals, this history shapes each place in a specific way, sometimes planned and thought out, but to a large extent chaotic and accidental.

In the works of artistic group tunnel19, the various forms and states a genius loci can take on become visible in a new way, from our immediate personal home to urban scenarios in Berlin to characteristic architectural situations in the Berlin countryside.

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Sylvia Zirden