Sjoerd Valks

The OneWorld series by photographer Sjoerd Valks was made in the summer of 2019 on his trip around the world. By plane to Australia, by ship to New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, and by plane again to Amsterdam, following a quick city trip in New York. It can be seen as a good example of pre-covid travel. As it is not apparent or important where the photographs were taken, one could ask: 'Is it really necessary to travel quite as much as we used to?’

The OneWorld series consists of several subseries:
Aero subseries: whatever is happening on the ground, at some altitude the world is this serene
Day and night subseries depict the constant coming of day and night
Drapery subseries shows the flow and glow of fabric, linking ancient and modern
Transient subseries: acquiescence

The OneWorld series shows everywhere is somewhere and something can be everything. Whether the frame consists of drapery, texture, or flow - it is all equal - OneWorld. All photographs are uncropped and unedited, everything is as it is.

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