Saskia Risseeuw

Poverty and hunger is something we associate with countries that are far away from our daily western lives. Most people do not realize that even in 2021, in a wealthy country like the Netherlands, more than 1 million people live below minimum income level. Saskia Risseeuws confronts us with a reality we do not see often. It is possible for people with a low income in the Netherlands to collect a box of food ‘leftovers’ at a food bank on a weekly basis. These ‘leftovers’ are donated to the food banks by all kinds of shops, enterprises and institutions. Over the last decade, food banks in the Netherlands have luckily grown out to a large logistics company run by volunteers. Risseeuw’s inspiration came from the still-lives from the Dutch 17th Century Golden Age. These paintings exposed the backside of the abundance in those days. Her work shows us this uneasy relation between abundance and poverty in modern times.

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