Sandro Livio Straube

“It’s about the idea of escaping from density and saturation in order to feel time and slowness again”

“Mountains Bleach” project (2016-2020) by Sandro Livio Straubetakes, a Swiss photographer and architect, takes place in the small valley “Val Lumnezia” in the Swiss Graubünden. A valley with one entrance and no exit, with one road and no tunnel to the next area. This creates calm, a pale island in a saturated country like Switzerland. Things are left standing, time can pass, clocks run behind. Nobody cares. The light of the sun is strong and proudly shows its traces. It peels colour, bleaches nature and man-made things in it. Mountains are serious and often scary. They talk about life and death, about permanence and transience. They don’t easily reveal history and secrets. The series shows the previously described, different picture of the mountains. The opposite of the romantic picture that everyone knows. Apart from tourism and pure infrastructure, places in the valley have been sought that are simply allowed to be. Without claims to meaning and purpose for the masses.
The pure undemanding itself – at first glance. Because they need great attention to the apparently invisible. Things that seem trivial to us at first and only reveal something deeper, if we look closely and intensively. These objects and landscapes make us reflect on the transient nature of things and lets us appreciate the beauty of decay again.

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