Roderik van Nispen

Not a day goes by without the use of metal, metal is used everywhere, but how, what and where it is produced is unknown to many. One does not get further than a blacksmith. With 2 left hands Roderik van Nispen is jealous of anyone who can make real things.

With a series of portraits of those who work with metal, he wants to show what is done with it. From raw material to end product. From Goldsmith to Steel Harder, from Skate Sharpener to Gunsmith. The Diversity of the Metal workers. People who continue to work during the Corona crisis. The portrayed people in his / her working environment at companies are from various disciplines.

The metal industry is partly due for renewal and there is an enormous aging of the workforce. Many young people are too "educated" and don't want to get their hands dirty. Knowledge is lost because of this. Together with competition from low-wage countries, this means that the metal industry is under pressure and professions may disappear in the future.

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Roderik van Nispen