Renata Crespo

Photographer Renata Crespo for the Rotterdam Photo 2021 is going to exhibit a selection of images from her two core series:

From the series Things I want to heal
‘‘Things I want to heal’’ is a series in which Renata amplifies the negative and the denials, as part of a process of self-understanding. It is a project purely autobiographical and displays the compositions in which she recreates my hardest battles and her most perfect achievements. Struggles as personal as eating disorders and problems with self-esteem, they all come to hold the darkest part of this series. On the other hand, there is her experience with motherhood; a process that has also allowed her to reach understanding and maturity, and has also been a turning point in my development as a person and as an artist.

From the series Men & flowers can coexist
As someone that comes from a very ‘‘men don’t cry’’ society, the male figure has always lacked fragility for Renata. Therefore, she's always believed in the seductress of male bodies, and in its equality with the aesthetics and beauty of the female body. Once she settled in The Netherlands, she decided to start a project wherein she captures manhood along with the delicacy of such a frailness symbol as a flower. This is a recent project (started at the end of 2020) and her goal with it is continuing the series with Cuban men when returning to Cuba.

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