Michele di Donato

‘Craving’ is the best-known, most varied and recurrent of psychic disorders related to the uncontrollable urge and desire to take a substance. Compulsively consuming food or alcohol, practicing sex in a convulsive way or gambling inevitably all lead to a 'high’. Today it is more than ever, widespread among young people.

Michele Di Donato highlights the urgency of craving and focuses on the tension to consume the object of desire. Although the unfavourable consequences of cravings are known, its results are considered so gratifying that fear fades away and the risk can still be taken afterwards. The craving that the author tells us about is caused by certain evils that afflict our societies, such as easy vulnerability and poor discernment. In order to face fears, loneliness and bewilderment, faith is cultivated in artificial paradises, just as craving is superficially presented, which however, has nothing celestial about it. The reportage proposed by Michele captures the different nuances of craving, from semi-consciousness to the real high, translated into gestures, looks and behaviours.

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