Martin Kesting

A trip to the Himalayas and South East Asia to work on a book. It became a meditation on transience and mortality. Inner and outer journeys in four chapters: Circling Around Places of Power, Transition Rites, Politics and Religion, Drama and Martial Arts.
On the journey Martin Kesting tried to circumnavigate the holy mountain Kailash in Tibet and got into a life-threatening situation there, which he only survived thanks to the courageous intervention of his wife. Due to this existential experience, the photographs are situated in a field of tension between his own experience and Asian spirituality as well as a European view of the foreign.
Aesthetically, a coincidence - or Divine Intervention, if you like - played a decisive role in the work: the book dummy fell into the water on a boat trip and the blurred inkjet inspired Martin Kesting to his layouts.
The book was self-published in 2020 and comprises 108 signed copies with an additional four hand bound copies with handmade pigment prints. Copies can be purchased at the Festival.

“A compelling body of work” (LensCulture)
Shortlisted for the “Urban Book Award” 2020

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