Marie Smith

The series ‘Whatever brings me solace’ by Marie Smith speculates on the notion of ‘slowness’ as coined by Tina Campt, the academic and black feminist theorist of visual culture who states that, ‘slowness becomes a way to build resistance against capitalist time and its equating of value with work and productivity.’

During this year, Smith has been finding ways to reclaim her agency, within the restrictive environment that has been imposed by COVID-19 and the strains it has placed on mind and body. Starting from an initial point of despair and anxiety, she came to see this opportunity as a potential for change. How does one create space for themself? What does it mean to have time to fully engage with your personal and creative concerns? During the process of capturing this series, the stillness of the landscape enabled Smith to feel calm and nurtured. Nature and its restorative powers inspired her to consider the implications and structures that had been created suffocating binaries.

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