Marcin Olesinski

Photographer Marcin Olesinskii is fascinated by all sorts of light, e.g. a lamp, the sun or a reflection on a piece of metal. For him, light is not a tool but the object in the centre of all his works. The form of his expression is inspired by my near-sightedness (Lat.: myopia). The result of his work became images which look like a graphic work or a painting, but are real photos, which represent how he experiences light without his glasses on.

Marcin wants to share his work because he would like to show how people with near-sightedness can see the world without glasses on. Moreover he wants to give more self-confidence to all his near-sighted fellows. We very often have complexes and believe that we can see worse than other people, but what we can experience without our glasses on is actually very special. He wants all near-sighted people to turn this weakness into their strength.

From his "disability" he wants to approach and nurture photography in a different way, namely to focus on light as the object in the centre of the lens’ attention, to conjure up non-realistic images involving not obvious compositions.

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