Magdalena Woch

In the spring of 2020, we faced a global experiment in which we all stayed the same
deprived of the possibilities so far obvious to us - free decisions about how to spend
free time, meeting people and the pleasure of contact with culture and entertainment.

Woch shows us a series of photos of empty Krakow theaters closed during the spring lockdown. Woch stayed in Poland overnight, condemned to isolation and deprived of access to clubs, theaters, museums and any places where one could satisfy the natural need for interaction with another human being. Cultural institutions were forced to deprive the viewer of contact with the stage. Not only were the scenes deserted, but the previously bustling behind-the-scenes spaces fell silent as well. Actors, dressmakers, dressmakers, make-up artists, cinematographers and inspectors left their places of passion and work. Time stood still, emptiness hung in the air. With the all-encompassing emptiness, one would like to say "turn on the phones, break this silence”.

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