Judith Hornbogen

All photographs in the series “Sweet Potato Love” were taken in 2020 and show a collection of “irregularities” and findings (Unregelmäßigkeiten und Gefundenes). Hornbogen’s general approach continuously moves between the priorities of formal abstraction and uncompromising realism that transports poetry or an underlying sentiment. The focus lies on details and exploring the faultlines in our society. The series includes a subsection of black and white images (titled “Gefälle”) to magnify the state of deflation and despair, sometimes with a hint of irony; confrontation with mortality, family, uncertainty, memories of the past and future - ultimately a summary for life.

(Not so long ago he huddled against his wife's warm body at night. His beautiful hands looked unchanged, soft tanned skin.…While the grandfather is sleeping next door, a heavy blanket covering him, the grandmother and granddaughter spend time talking on the balcony in the midday sun. One woman is barefoot the other is wearing plush-lined house slippers. It is the end of July. Later they will walk the incline together, the four of them arm in arm.)

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