Helma Vlemmings

Every image or photo has the challenge of catching the eye. Knowing that the average photo gets 8 seconds of attention, photos of Helma Vlemmings have to work extra hard. She likes raw and unpolished and wants to show the beauty of that perceived ugliness.

In 2017 photographer Helma Vlemmings invented the viewing box as a medium to entice viewers to look 'inside'. That might repel a number of people, because looking through a box requires a little more effort, but those who are curious will be rewarded with a private session. And she hopes, take a little longer to discover the beauty or the story inside.

Helma sincerely hoped and thought that COVID-19 would create a Human (Planet) 2.0, better than the 1.0 version. We (or she) decide what to leave the world, what to cherish and how to develop the planet’. So it is our and her responsibility. During the festival, her ½ container will be equipped with a mirror inside on the back wall, on the outside of the container, there will be a wall with 4 holes for heads/ faces (comfortable wood or cloth). Inside Helma will exhibit the image of a crowd, which she made during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once visitors put their heads inside, they become a part of Planet Human. Reflection of their faces will make them part of the crowd. This way it is becoming sharper than any fixed image.

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