Emma Pille

‘My name is Emma Pille. I am 23 years old and I have autism. In 2017 I started studying photography at the Fotovakschool, unfortunately, I had to stop here. After I had to quit because there was too much confusion for me and I got depressed, I wanted to start a project about autism’.

Photographer Emma Pille did not want to just approach it negatively. That is why most of her posters have a comical undertone. All photos were taken by herself in nature or in the city. Of course, everyone sees autism in a different way, which is why she keeps emphasizing that it is her view of it. But her posters make it clear to her what it can be like to have autism in this society. Consider, for example, incomprehension and seeing everything very black and white and taking it literally. She called the poster project AUTSIDE - this includes the words autism and outside.

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