Chantal Aimee Ehrhardt

For a long time photographer C.A.Ehrhardt floated more than she had both feet on the ground. Dreamy and anchorless. It has been a challenge for her to be in connection with her true nature.
When she looks around she sees that this is a collective phenomenon. We have lost the connection with ourselves, with each other and with mother Earth. This can already be seen from the fact that we are the only species that treats its own environment so destructively. But also from the number of people that suffer from burnout.

Now, more than ever, a longing lives inside of her to be in connection with naturally being. To create space to feel, not only the ‘positive’ feelings, but also the ‘negative’ feelings. To acknowledge how things are in this very moment. The images that she creates within the project Being Human are a reflection of this process, of being human.

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