Angie Nam

This year, a pandemic has left the world silent, as if it were empty. Everyone has been trapped, and Angie Nam locked herself in her small house in New York City, as well, after the implementation of a stay-at-home order. Since that day, she has thought my life was devastated, and she has felt lost. Even though this long isolation has put me in a confusing situation full of uncertainty and anxiety, her life has been surprisingly typical, and every day, in some way, has been just another ordinary day. While she has constantly suffered from the feeling of loss, everything outside has continued flowing from place to place in time. The sky outside of her window is still blue and the changing seasons have marked the passing of time.

The series of images in her project, From That Day, illustrates the fragments of my memory that have constantly accumulated during isolation. While each image responds to her complex feelings of curiosity and the fear of endless loss and pain, the project becomes a sentimental collection of absence moving beyond simply a series documenting the chaotic period.

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