Alexander Kadow

Alexander Kadow’s work Baltic Amber deals with the border areas of photography and explores the question of what it is capable of conveying.

Inspired by the approaches of conceptual art, Alexander transfers ideas and questions into a visual level through experimental setups in analogue and digital photo labs, and through photographic series. In this process, it plays a decisive role for him to create aesthetically appealing works, which usually reveal their origin only through their title. The tension between concept and object should raise questions and stimulate reflection.

Baltic Amber was projected onto light-sensitive photographic paper using the analogical foto lab and its physico-chemical process. The inversion of the colours, which normally turns the negative into a positive, turns the natural object into an abstracted image. Baltic Amber consists of orange coloured and hardened resin, often containing insects and plant remains from a long time ago. While the ability to store information in a translucent medium is reminiscent of the photographic negative, this work draws a connection from a natural phenomenon to a human made process, which normally is intended to capture a moment of time, creating images which show reality. The outcome in this case is an abstracted and artificial version of it.

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