Aija Pole

Recently we have all been exposed to some common emotional vibration. As a result of natural processes that cross any geographical, social and even political boundaries, we have witnessed a certain time - a pandemic. This has led to various imbalances, such as nervousness, the fear of the unknown and the impatient hope that very soon everything will return to previously known, predictable rhythms and actions. But habits have not returned. Not yet.

Aija Pole felt the urge not to be completely overwhelmed by these vibrations and began to pay more attention to them. Like in a game, she approached herself and explored her impulsive thoughts, feelings and inner emotional states. She found that her inner balance was far more detached from the effects of external events than she had imagined. Many of Pole’s thoughts merged into her visual materials, and this led to her artwork "balancing acts". How can the pressure be divided to achieve balance?

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