Portfolio Review by Otto Snoek

Rotterdam Photo 2022 - Special edition

Do you feel the undiscovered potential in your photography? Do you experience any disappointments about it without understanding exactly why and how to call it? 


Without having seen a single photograph from you, one of Rotterdam's most iconic photographers, Otto Snoek postulates that in any case, you are on the right track, because your images do not leave you imperturbable. Perhaps, then it would be a good idea to have someone look at your work with an unbiased eye and candid view. 


And Otto Snoek offers to be this eye for you. It is a great pleasure for him to be able to concentrate on the photographic work you want to show him to give you via post a personal and collegial review on it:


"I will look for unsuspected layers in your work. Perhaps you want to know what qualities I encounter in your work, what possibilities I see. I will gladly let you know my first impression and then the more considered second one. I will give you specific answers to your specific questions. My goal is to be able to contribute to the broadening of your vision, skills, and search".


Together with street photographer Otto Snoek, we are happy to launch and offer to all our followers their personal Portfolios Review. Additionally to the Review, Otto will send you a signed version of the real photo which he prepared for the special edition of the Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022. 

The price for the Portfolio Review and print of Otto Snoek is 155 euro


If the opportunity to look from a different angle to your works sounds interesting for you, please, contact us and we will be happy to give you more details - info.rotterdamphoto@gmail.com



Otto Snoek - autonomous documentary photographer since 1992. His work shows a radical aesthetic and thematic focus on contemporary topics in the Western world. Snoek is interested in 'the street' to the extent that it reflects the more abstract processes that are taking place in society as a whole. His method of working can be categorized under the heading of 'slow journalism'.

You can find more details about Otto’s work on his website: https://www.ottosnoek.com

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