Mouneb Taim

Syrian Arab Republic, based in Turkey

Mouneb Taim is a Syrian photographer born in 2001 in the city of Douma. He worked on covering the war that is turning his country (Syria) for the last 7 years. He began his media work as an activist in the middle of 2011 as the Syrian peaceful uprising started. In the middle of 2012, the Syrian regime forces besieged Douma from all sides and began attacking it. The shelling and bombing prevented him from getting to school on the day of his final exams and caused him to fail that year. Security circumstances prevented him from attending school as his city became under a tight siege by the Syrian government forces.

For 3 years, he worked on documenting by videos the human rights violations in his hometown of Douma near the Syrian capital Damascus. By the time, he gained a lot of experience, though, journalism became his interest. In 2014, he became interested in Photography and started browsing the internet for tutorials to learn more. He developed his skills by self-training, without any special or academic studies. In late 2014, he began working for Anadolu Ajansı as a freelance photographer. He got many important international photography awards. Believing in the importance of showing the truth to the whole world, amplifying the voice of the vulnerable people, documenting the injustice and the human rights violations, spreading the news and sharing the reality. Those were the main reasons that pushed him to carry a camera and start taking photos.

Project description

Project Details

Location:Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Idlib-Syria.

Country: Syrian Arab Republic

Year: 2019


In war, life has a different meaning, everything about normality will just disappear. The daily routine is definitely abnormal, even if it seems normal for people who live there. Every day, bombs fall, people die, buildings will be destroyed. The reality of the war cannot be denied, however, there are people who are significantly trying to resist the bitterness of this terrible war by their determination, hope, and desire to live. This project illustrates the struggle of civilians to overcome the war in the besieged area in Eastern Ghouta, Syria which was under siege by the Syrian government forces for over 10 years. The siege has ended when the Syrian regime supported by Russian forces forcibly displaced the people to leave the area after months of heavy shelling operation that caused the death of thousands and led to full destruction in the area.

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