Mohammed Zaanoun is a photojournalist from Gaza. He studied at Gaza University, majoring in Graphic Design. He has been working in photography since 2006, received several local and international awards. He has worked in local and international newspapers, covering the past wars on the Gaza Strip. Besides this, he works as a freelance journalist, imparting humanitarian cases from the Gaza Strip and traveling between several Arab countries, including UAE, Qatar, Egypt, and Jordan, where he worked at Zaatari Refugee Camp. After being seriously injured and losing some parts of his face during the coverage of the 2006 Israeli invasion at the Al-Shejaiya neighborhood, he still dares to go back to work after receiving treatment. Since the very beginning of the Great Return of March, he covers the whole events where violations against civilians, medics, and journalists continue to happen.

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Location: Gaza

Country: Palestine

Year: 2020

Weddings in the Corona pandemic

Ali and Narmeen Abu Seif are newlyweds at the time of the pandemic. Their wedding was initially set for March 28 in one of Gaza’s big wedding halls; but then the strip’s Interior Ministry announced restrictions to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, closing party venues, restaurants, and cafes, and gyms, as well as canceling Friday prayers at mosques. The couple had to reassess their plan. “When the venue called to inform us they were canceling our wedding party, we were shocked,” said Ali Abu Seif. “All the preparations were done. We incurred a big financial loss, too,” he added. Following much deliberation between their families, the couple decided to go ahead with the wedding, although not in the way they had originally intended. It was rescheduled to April 10, moved to Abu Seif’s home in Gaza City, and was attended only by their immediate family and a small group of friends.

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