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Mauricio Centurion is a photojournalist, documentalist. As a graphic reporter, he works in Santa Fe “Periódico Pausa”, experimenting with journalistic decisions, photo-reportages and essays. As a documentary filmmaker, he is interested in the topic of communities that have a different way of living. This is why he made a project Alma de Santiago (2015) about the indigenous peasant movement of Santiago del Estero, a project La Carbonilla (2016) about swallow workers in resistance against evicting them from a settlement in the center of Santa Fe. The stories he portrays focus on native peasants, natural cataclysms, social mobilizations, police violence, Zapatistas, and Indigenous communities in Mexico. His photographs were published in Argentine, Latin American, and European media. He received several awards from Finca (International Film and Environmental Festival).

Project Description

Project Details

Location:Santa Fe


Year: 2020

Otras Cuarentenas

Point of clarification: all of the stories already had the first encounter. It is evident in the attached page, provided by the author.

Supporting information: Images are followed by complimentary descriptions for additional detail and comprehension. 

The project is centered around the fact that these individuals do not have a salary, and can't necessarily stay at home. The current social inequality, being fueled by the pandemic, whereby people find themselves in the unequal conditions to protect themselves from the virus, due to the simple fact that protection is virtually impossible given the circumstances and lives they have to follow, like the need to survive and eat. The objective of my work is to build solidarity among communities, as well as showcase the conditions some individuals are living in the government, to aim to achieve change via programs or projects that could reduce the inherent inequality in our society. 


Individuals / Characters:

 - Indigenous communities (Qom - Mocoví) 

- Precarious workers who must work to eat.

 - Individuals who live in slums and on the streets, whereby confinement is nearly impossible given the need to survive.

 - Individuals who work in a circus that got stuck in a city due to obligatory quarantine. 

- Prisoners who lack nourishment and hygiene.


On March 20th, Argentina declared obligatory quarantine, requiring all individuals to stay at home to combat COVID-19. Some individuals were unable to comply with this request because to stay home, one must have a home. Hundreds of homeless people walked around in a city that is almost empty, eating trash, which is the only thing that continues to accumulate. For one not to work, one needs to have a salary. Thousands of people leave their homes to work informal jobs, like food delivery folks who cross town in bikes, and if they don't arrive in time, they must pay for the food themselves.

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