Fringe Program 2017

Screen Takeover

At Rotterdam Photo we are taking the Insta takeover to the next level as we cease some 20 digi screens previously and during Rotterdam Photo. Cultshot granted us these frames to beam an eclectic range of independent photography into the daily vision of the passersby. If you don't come to the white cube, the white cube will come to you!


Celebrating popular culture, we will offer 25 limited edition prints (20x25cm) of each of the 20 photographers for the really reasonable price of 45 euro (and printed by the wonderful fine art printer Oppa); as Rotterdam Photo we want to bring a change in the accessibility of buying and collecting photography during daily communication, shopping, or while having a drink.


Participating photographers and all the images can be found at our online 20x25 page.


 The digital screens can be found at: Café het Zwarte Schaap & de Zondebok. Restaurant Hamburg, Fritez haute cuisine, Sluiter & Meijer, Bistro Hartig, Ferry, Restaurant Café Holy Smoke, Café Bar3, Rotown, Quasi Modo, Restaurant Gracy, Cafe Pol, Urban Guides, Espresso bar Booon, Bird, Pabo HR&O, Martcafé (Markthal). Kinky kappers (filiaal Zwartjan straat), Cafetaria Rodi, Proeflokaal Faas and CBK.

Photo courtesy: Cultshot 

Portrait Safari in Rotterdam Zuid

We are thrilled that the photo guerrillas or Instawalk 010 gave us the honor to co-organize an Instawalk 010 Photo Safari through Rotterdam Zuid and to Afrikaanderplein, in order to see the various inhabitants of Rotterdam. You can sign up and join us on February 11 from 13.15 hrs at Rotterdam Photo's heart at Deliplein. Photographer and teacher John Middelkoop will give you pointers on how to hunt the perfect angle or to shoot portrait street style pics. After the workshop you will roam the streets of Rotterdam Zuid and then you can visit the exhibitions of Rotterdam Photo or warm up with some hot drinks. You can sign up at the Instawalk010 site with the mention of Rotterdam Photo.

Architecture walk in Rotterdam Zuid

We are thrilled that the photo guerrillas of Instawalk 010 gave us the honor to co-organize an Instawalk 010 Photo Safari through Rotterdam Zuid in order to explore the unique architecture of this area. You can sign up and join us on Feb 11 from 13.15 hrs at the Rotterdam Photo's heart at Deliplein. Photographer and teacher John Middelkoop will give you pointers on how to hunt the perfect angle for architecture photography or how to shoot street style portrait pics. After the workshop you will roam the streets of Rotterdam Zuid and then you can visit the exhibitions of Rotterdam Photo or warm up with some hot drinks. You can sign up at the Instawalk010 site with the mention of Rotterdam Photo.

'The Making of TING!'

Synergy between Scapino Ballet and The Nits

Last year, Scapino Ballet teamed up with Dutch renowned band Nits and Codarts Circus to put up a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration performance together. The result: sold-out evenings of the phenomenal “TING!” which people still talk about. Photographer Jan-Willem Bullee joined the group from the start to document the rehearsals, training and backstage happenings in his own exquisite style. He captured these talented people within their world of dedication, discipline, passion, focus, fun, and friendship. Keep an eye on the program for special activities in Kopi Soesoe, the coziest place to hang out during Rotterdam Photo.


Potato Heads

Kunst en Friet: photography by Marcel Kollen

In the photo series ‘Potato Heads’ Marcel Kollen searches for the identity of potato farmers. In 16 incisive portraits he unveils the soul of the potato farmer from ‘de Hoeksche Waard’. “With the hands that they eat with” they have “dug the earth themselves”. This message Vincent van Gogh sent to his brother Theo on the 30th of April 1885, to who he describes his new painting: The Potato Eaters. No food is as Dutch as the potato. The Dutch – the Belgians no less actually – are potato eaters. Both countries are around the 10th place on the world ranking when it comes to potato consumption. The fries lovers Belgians eat around 106 kilos a year where the Dutch eat around 93,9 kilo.  Next to a country of potato eaters, we are a country of potato farmers. The Netherlands has more than 9000 potato farmers and is one of the most important producers in the world.


Noortje Haegens

The Zeeuwse Meisjes is a shop and a coffee bar all at the same time. You can find one retro chair, a beautiful hand made wallet or the perfect silk screen for a friend that just bought a new house. Here, young makers get a place to showcase and sell their creations. During Rotterdam Photo Noortje Haegens takes over the shop to showcase her work! She starts her process by taking a hike, in order to see what the hike offers her. In our restless times where life predominantly is placed on the fast line, the activity of walking has almost become out of place. Being in a way no longer part of ‘normal’ life. During her hikes she experiences that her senses are slowing down, easing her towards the power of silence. How a landscape is perceived through this slower state of being is of great importance in her work. Using the medium of film for her work allows her to take that personal observation of reality and play with it.


Enthusiasm about and admiration of those landscapes are what drives my work. Yet there is also a concern about the modern day globalization and landscapes future within that globalization. People have disconnected themselves from their surroundings and as a result they are losing their emotional bond with those surroundings. Due to living in a faster state of being, or on the Fastlane, a surrounding becomes more of a passageway than a space to appreciate. To truly appreciate the full essence of nature and its landscapes it helps to slow down. All it takes is calm, quiet and attention.


Rough City

Photography by Marcel Kollen

Rotterdam is a town full of special buildings and a great diversity of inhabitants. In this photo series the focus is on the people of Rotterdam. Marcel Kollen shows the metropolis character of the city by showing the residents in its frame work. What connects these people? The character of their city? Who ever has the right eye for it will see the rich diversity of people in the Rotterdam streets. Surprising, messy, even raw: The Rough City, but also a beautiful example of ‘the warm city’.


Popunie Gems

Popunie, the organisation for pop music in Rotterdam is bringing some real good music to Rotterdam Photo. Stay tuned for the music program, so you can combine your exhibition time with some splendid performances. We can already announce that MOL, Steye Felix, ANIK & BÄSN will be present!

photo courtesy: Cristel de Wolf

The ambient electronics of Rotterdam producer ANIK are organic, melancholic and dark. In combination with heavily deformed vocals and harmony’s it will remind you of Andy Stott, Moderat and Boards of Canada.  In the past year she played at MTV’s REC Festival and she was a part of the RE:VIVE compilation 010 (Fog Mountain), for which all the tracks are built up of samples recorded in Rotterdam. She also participated on Red Bull Mixtape Vol. 4. In Rotterdam ANIK is also known as the producer of DOOXS.

Starts 16.00 hrs at Deliplein ​​

photo courtesy: Celie Lucienne

Kopi Soesoe

Sjoerd van Kampen, known as BÄSN, is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and DJ. BÄSN makes driven music and get his inspiration from listening to Neon Indian, Washed Out, New Order and MK83. His music is best described as a night dancing in an 80’s setting, that plays under the influence of LSD in a lucid dream.

Starts: 22.00 hrs at Kopi Soesoe


photo courtesy: Julia Bo Heijnen

DJ Amelie Feline
'Punk professor' Leonor Faber-Jonker is author and editor of several books on pop music, the counterculture of the 1980s, art and literature, and colonial history, organiser of DIY punk gigs for legends such as John Cooper Clarke and 999, and curator. As DJ Amelie Feline she spins her favourite records, from (post)punk to neo-psychedelics from today's Rotterdam underground!

Start: 18.00 till 21.00 hrs at Deliplein

Mark Lotterman is a singer/songwriter from Rotterdam. His lyrics are stories, and his raw and intense voice has been making him a reccuring guest at podiums in the Netherlands and beyond. He just released his 5th record: “Holland”. Around this record he is working on a big project, with more than 100 artists and scientists. Last year he performed at the worldfamous Isle of Wight festival, played in Italy for three weeks and organized his project Holland 3 large exhibitions. For Rotterdam Photo he will be in Katendrecht!

Starts: 21.00 hrs at Kopi Soesoe​​

photo courtesy: Willem de Kam

MOL makes overwhelming, artistic pop music. Exciting to the bone, chicken skill enhancing drama and incredibly original. But also expressive, catchy and innovative: That is MOL.

Start: 18:00 at Deliplein during the official opening

Kopi Soesoe

The lyrics of Steye float over his dreamy beats. Lyrics that exist on the edges of poetry and make people move, dance and think. Where ever Steye Felix goes, after ten seconds there will be dancing. Steye feels he owes it to his audience to make them feel enthusiastic.


Start: 21.00 hrs at Kopi Soesoe


T und tanz wears out records for you, in trance, in the future and backwards, totally globalized and big booming. A music enterprise with a solid choice of vinyl on 33, 45 and 78 rpm.

09 Feb: 18.30 -21.00 hrs at Deliplein

10 Feb: 14.00-17.00 hrs​ at Deliplein

12 Feb: 13.00 tot 17.00 hrs at Deliplein

photo courtesy: Máté Pacsika

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