Fringe Program 2018

 Every image is fake, every image is the truth

Ola Lanko - M

"M" comprises numerous pictures found in the collections of prints produced by food companies in 50s - 80s to promote their products. Combining these images with reedited soundtrack from a documentary about parallel universes a playful comment on western vision and attitude towards the “other” is made. The video reminds that there is always more than one perspective on things and there are multiple possibilities for interpretation and experience.

Lars van den Brink - Korean Winterscape

People enjoying their spare time is a theme in the work of Lars van den Brink. Motivated by his emotions towards loneliness he travels to places made by mankind and that are designed as meeting points. ‘Korean Winterscapes’ is a photo series about the skiing culture in South-Korea. By merging several photos together in one image, Van den Brink creates a new reality of moments that took place but not at the same time.

Rotterdam Photo at World Press Photo

From 20 January 2018 to 9 February 2018 the World Press Photo 2017 exhibition is held at the Sint Laurenskerk in Rotterdam. This annual expo shows the prize-winning photographs of photojournalists and documentairy photographers world wide. The 60th edition of World Press Photo shows 45 photo's in eight categories: contemporary issues, daily life, general news, long-term projects, nature, people, sports and spot news.

Photography has long been perceived as one of the most truthful mediums but has always been questioned. Images have the power to change the perception of the masses and alter history. Where a photojournalist attempts to impact the crowd with a “truthful” image, the conceptual artist might do the same with manipulated imagery. With the use of many types of photography, Rotterdam Photo 2018  seeks the line between real and fabricated with the theme FAKE | TRUTH. We explore how truthful an image actually can be and how fabricated and altered images might actually be a gateway to a new truth. Rotterdam Photo presents during World Press Photo three exhibitions around our theme with contemporary autonomous photography.

Marcel Kollen en Lise Straatsma - Welcome to the internet

Behaving much like an infectious pandemic, the wonderful world of Internet memes is a worldwide social phenomenon, spreading from person to person through the Internet. For Fotofestival Schiedam the curatorial team has made a selection of this visual phenomenon illustrating public outrage or image-based protest, compiling them as an important part of our contemporary visual culture.

Visitors information​

Sint Laurenskerk

Grote Kerkplein 27

Rotterdam, 3011 GC

The Netherlands


Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 11.00 - 17.00
Sunday: 13.00 - 16.00


In collaboration with World Press Photo, Instawalk010 organizes an Instawalk at Thursday 8 February 2018. The starting point is at 3.30 pm at the World Press Photo / Rotterdam Photo exhibition in the Laurenskerk. The Instawalk ends at the opening of Rotterdam Photo 2018 which starts at 18:00 on the Deliplein in Katendrecht.

Up to 25 people can join, so sign up as soon as possible! This can be done via

Cafe Obscura Live

On Friday evening the 9th of February from 20:00 till 22:00 there is a live broadcast from Cafe Obscura at Rotterdam Photo. The location is the first floor of Fenix II (Veerlaan 21, 3072 AN)
The evening is about our festival, the participating photographers and the theme FAKE | TRUTH. Entrance is free and there is space for 25 guests.

Music program 

Thursday 8 Feb

15:30-18:00        Instawalk 010 from Word Press Photo to Rotterdam Photo

18:00                   Official opening by Marcel Kollen and Pieter Wisse

18:10                   WLDRF 

18:30-21:00        DJ Marco Broere

20.00                   WLDRF

Friday 9 Feb

18:00-21:00        DJ Roccalberti 

Saturday 10 Feb

13:00-16:00        DJ Marco Broere

16:00                   Ward

16:30-19:30        DJ Leonor Jonker

19:30-22:00        Rotterdam Photo Talks 

19:30-23.30        Jeroen van de Beek @ Rotterdam Photo Talks

22.00-23.30        Drinks @ Rotterdam Photo Talks 

Sunday 11 Feb

12:00-15:00       DJ Marco Broere

15:00-16:00       Your Average Neighbours

16:00-17:00       Convoi Exeptional