Selected Photographers 2020    

From a broad range of submissions, the jury selected over 30 photographers to exhibit their work, based on the theme TRANSITIONS, during Rotterdam Photo 2020. The both national and international selection reveals the intriguing works of photographers like Daniel Marquez, Annemie Martin and Nicola Moscelli. These selected photographers will display their work alongside renowned photographers such as Luuk Smits, who will be presenting images from his project From 119m below to 152m above (2019), Otto Snoek and Perrine Philomeen. 

Furthermore, Rotterdam Photo will be collaborating with several creative partners: Perth Centre of Photography, RAW Streetphoto Gallery and Lensculture, each showcasing their own installations and collaborations with photographers. The festival is also in partnership with Studio-OPPA this year, a fine art print and art digitization studio in Rotterdam. The exhibitions will be installed on both the inside and outside of the shipping containers at Deliplein. 

00. Full list of participants


Adrian Lambert & Darren Smith (NL)

Alicja Khatchikian (DE)

Ana Santana (NL)

Andrea Ferber (DE)

Andrei Marin (RO)

Angie NAM  (KR /US)

Ann Inger Johansson (US)

Anna Tea (DE)

Annemie Martin (DE)

Arnold Borgerth (UK)


Beatriz Pereira (PT)

Benjamin Bird (UK)

Bojana Jokanovic (NL)


C. Fodoreanu (US)

Carlotta Guerra (IT)

Charles Park (US)

Conohar Scott (UK)


Daniel Marquez (CU/US)

David Dobosh (NL)

David Kendall (UK)

Dieter Schamne (DE)

Duda Carvalho (BR)


Edwin van der Staaij (NL)

Erik Kroes (NL)

Erik Zeigler (US)

Eriko Jane Takeno (JP)

Esther van Puffelen (US)

Eva Overbeeke (NL)


Forest Kelley (US)


Gilles Tarabiscuité (CA)

Graham Maaiveld (NL)


Hana Gamal (EG)

Hanspeter Schachtler (CH)

Heidi Kirjavainen (BE)


ID Photographers (NL)

Ilia Yefimovich (IL/RU)

Ilvy Njiokiktjien (NL)

Ioanna Natsikou (DE)


Jesse Lee Vargas-Colucci (US)

Joaquim Vos (NL)

Joey Solomon (US)

John Håkansson (SE)

John Kok (NL)

Jonathan Oron (NL)

Judith Hornbogen (DE)

Julia Solis (US)


Karl F. Stewart (FR)

Kiah Pullens (AU)

Kimbra Audrey (FR)


Labkhand Olfatmanesh (US)

László Gálos (HU)

Li Sun (CN)

Luuk Smits (NL)


Marco Leitermann (DE)

Marieke Matthijs (NL)

Marta Pinto Machado (PT)

Mike Callaghan (CA)


Nicola Moscelli (NL)

Nina Weinberg Doran (US)

Nomads of SehnsuchtHelma Vlemmings, Dieter Provoost, Jacqueline louter and Mark van Hattem (NL)

Nuno Serrão (PT)

NWOUdo Prinsen, Suzette Bousema and Esther Kokmeijer (NL)


Otto Snoek (NL)



Paolo Testa (US)

Patricia Heuker of Hoek (NL)

Paula Rae Gibson (UK)

Paula Villota (US)

Paulien Menzel (NL)

Perrine Philomeen (NL)

Perth Centre of Photography (AU)

Pinar Boztepe Mutlu (TR)


Raisan Hameed (DE)

RAW Streetphoto Gallery (NL)

Riccardo De Vecchi (NL)

Roger Frei (CH)

Roman Korovin (LV)

Romy Eijckmans (BE)

Rosie Offenbach 


Schmoo Theune (US/DE)

Scott McMaster (HK)

Souleymane Bachir Diaw (SN)


Ties Veerman (NL)

Tony Mak (UK/CN)


Xiao Zhou (US/CN)



Charles Park

Benjamin Bird

Gilles Tarabiscuité

Pinar Boztepe Mutlu

Kimbra Audrey

Paulien Menzel

Nina Weinberg Doran

Ioanna Natsikou

Labkhand Olfatmanesh

Jonathan Oron

Paolo Testa

Duda Carvalho

Edwin van der Staaij

Bojana Jokanovic

Mike Callaghan

C. Fodoreanu

Forest Kelley

Kiah Pullens

Heidi Kirjavainen

Julia Solis

Esther van Puffelen

Judith Hornbogen

Ana Santana

Dawid Dobosz

Raisan Hameed

Joey Solomon

Eriko Jane Takeno

Anna Tea


03. WPPR

Edwin van der Staaij 

Pinar Boztepe Mutlu

Joey Solomon 

Mike Callaghan 

Anna Tea 

Heidi Kirjavainen 

Esther van Puffelen 

Judith Hornbogen 

Dawid Dobosz 

Eriko jane Takeno 

Susan Madsen 

Lidewij Mulder 

Tomuya Imamura 

Melissa Schriek 

Kate Schultze 

Irena Menk 

Gilles Tarabiscuité  

Ahmad Tahmasiaghdaragh

Evelina Sarupiciute 

Eric Cortes 

Monika Kattete 

04. Special Mention

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Riccardo De Vecchi

Follow the couple I decided to upload these pictures as a reflection on the theme of this year edition, Transition. As stated by the call, we live today in a world where everything seems connected and cannot change without changing something else. It is a transitioning moment and many of the open worldwide crises seems to reflect the fear we might have towards change.