Asadur Rahman


Asadur Rahman is a visual artist based in Bangladesh. He has studied at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. Currently, he is practicing in diverse mediums. His work has been published in various online & print platforms like Dodho Magazine, Tagree, Revista Balam Magazine, Toulot Blogzine & Cocoon Art Magazine. Apart from this, his work was also exhibited at Rotterdam Photo Festival 2020 & Longitude Latitude 8.

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Location: Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh

Year: 2013


Often in life, it seems that we are in control of our activities, surroundings and we can plan, design, and even produce accordingly. But with my experience of life, which I would not say differs by an extravagant amount than any of you, I would say that control is a myth, a defense mechanism we are programmed to use to deny the very harshness of reality, the truth of it. 

Ever since this epiphany, I haven’t even bothered to think about channeling my emotions or controlling them or life in general, I learned to let go. From that point onwards, I go where life leads and I photograph, not to meet some kind of divinely artistic purpose but from the sheer sense of the fact that I’ve surrendered myself to the omnipotence of life, of existence. 

Hence, I go to places where I perhaps never even intended to go but I do anyway for life invites me over there and you might be wondering why and I wonder the same question. I do not know why or how life does what it does but there’s only one thing I’m certain about though – life doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying this out of depression or some kind of innate pessimism or nihilism or any kind of “isms” that you might wonder about while understanding me. I’m saying this because I think at times, it’s okay to have no control, it’s okay to experience things that don’t make sense and it’s okay for I have not made any sense so far.

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